Federal Prosecutors to Interview Hot Karl


Retired puppetmaster Karl Rove is expected to be interviewed by federal prosecutors today as part of their ongoing investigation into the shady dismissal of nine federal prosecutors in 2006. Inevitable, really: Where there’s crap, there’s a turd blossom. The investigations have been flying mostly under the radar, the Washington Post reports, but in recent weeks prosecutor Nora Dannehy has been questioning more high-profile aides, such as former White House political deputies Scott Jennings and Sara Taylor. Tomorrow’s questioning could be a mere warm-up to Rove’s closed-door testimony to the House Judiciary Committee next month, but Karl better have on his game face: We don’t know this for a fact, but we just have this feeling she’s a tough-talking lady with the kind of legs that can break both a glass ceiling and a man on the stand. Which is to say, she looks like she might be a bit of a bad-ass.

Prosecutor to Interview Rove Today, Sources Say [WP]