Kiefer Sutherland Has Not Changed at All Since the Eighties


A “really drunk” Kiefer Sutherland reportedly got into a scuffle with Proenza Schouler co-founder Jack McCollough (supposedly about Brooke Shields, of all people) at a Met Institute after-party at Submercer, and ended up head-butting the designer, breaking his nose, and causing him to spend the night in the hospital. Lindsay Lohan refused to let the paparazzi photograph her or her sister Alli at a Nylon party at the Roosevelt Hotel, either because she was in full-on “party mode” or because she’s down to skin and bones despite the fact that she says she’s eating enough. Kelly Ripa, meanwhile, is increasingly coming to resemble a miniature version of Hulk Hogan.

Much to the dismay of its members, the nation’s largest gay and lesbian synagogue, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, will breach its policy of never allowing politicians who are running for office to speak during an election year to let Mayor Bloomberg appear at the shul’s gay-pride service in June. Miss California officials might revoke Carrie Prejean’s title after she collaborated with an anti-gay-marriage group. They were also less than thrilled about her semi-nude teen modeling days. Hillary Clinton and her date, Ted Danson, celebrated Judy Collins’s 70th at the Café Carlyle, along with with Katie Couric, Gloria Steinem, Erica Jong, and Suzanne Vega. Rufus Wainwright, Tim Robbins, Tom Morello, and Ani DiFranco were all on hand to help Pete Seeger blow out his 90 birthday candles at Buddakan. Christiane Amanpour drank Bloody Marys at Frederick’s Madison. A pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar was too thirsty to wait for the waiter to refill her water glass at Charles, so she got up and did it herself.

Whoa: Noemi Letizia, the stunning 18-year-old who broke up Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s marriage, might actually be Berlusconi’s daughter. Edward Norton, who became quite the card shark while preparing for his role in Rounders, loves to beat Woody Harrelson at poker. Anderson Cooper is a huge Simon Cowell fan. Madonna is planning a concert in St. Petersburg’s main square, and local Russian authorities are referring to the event as “a natural disaster.” Mia Farrow is documenting her three-week-long hunger strike on YouTube in support of refugees in Darfur. She’s on day eleven.