Grey Gardens Available for Summer Rental


Attention all Grey Gardens fans: It’s time to put down your seventeen cats and head for the East End, because this summer you can make like the Beales. A source says journalist Sally Quinn and her husband, Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, are renting out the storied six-bedroom East Hampton mansion — famously chronicled in the Maysles documentary — from August 28 to Labor Day for $30,000. The couple bought it from Little Edie for $220,000 in 1979, two years after her mother, Big Edie, passed away. Despite having undergone major sprucing when Health Department officials declared it uninhabitable and Little Edie’s cousin, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, came to the rescue by funding the repairs, the estate was in shambles when Quinn and Bradlee got it. The walls and ceiling were peeling off; the garden was beyond overgrown. It has all been restored now, of course, and there’s a new sunroom (per the listing). One caveat: Though the house was once a haven for strays of all kinds — raccoons and lots and lots of cats — pets aren’t allowed.