Grey Poupon Wants Obama to ‘Pardon’ Dijon Lovers


Real mustard growers may be fairly indifferent to the semi-controversy surrounding President Obama’s preference for Dijon mustard, but Grey Poupon is trying to take advantage of this rare marketing opportunity, when an infinitesimal slither of America’s attention is marginally focused on the topic of mustard. Over the weekend the company’s public-relations team sent over a statement calling on President Obama to “pardon” lovers of Dijon mustard — a riff off the classic “pardon me” commercials that made their product seem so snooty in the first place. “The right to choose condiments freely is quintessentially American and embodies the spirit of our democracy,” reads the release’s tongue-in-cheek interpretation of our national ideals. Heh. Isn’t this so much more fun than not making an issue of how Obama eats his burger?