Irving Picard Gets No Thank-yous, Lemonade From Madoff Victims


Poor Irving Picard. No one likes the man charged with trying to recoup and redistribute funds to victims of Bernie Madoff. Not the big-time investors he’s sued, and not the little guys, either. You think those Palm Beach bubbes would at least invite the old man in for a glass of Crystal Light and offer to set him up with their daughters, but no, they just snarl at him like wounded animals because they’re afraid he’s going to sue them for whatever they withdrew in the past, even though he and his team at Baker Hostetler have been busting their balls processing 100 cases a day just to help them. At the very least, after he gets them back a percentage of their money, he gets a “Thank you,” right? Probaby not. “With this kind of pain, don’t expect a ‘thank you,’” Kenneth Feinberg, who ran the federal compensation fund for victims of the 9/11, advised Picard in the Times today. “[D]on’t expect a ‘well done,’” he said. “The idea that they’re going to be grateful, to be satisfied? Not in this life.” Sigh. Just hope there’ll be-cards in heaven.

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