Is the Gossip Girl Spinoff Dead? (Updated)


OMG, you guys. Real-life Gossip Grandma Nikki Finke has reported some important news. The Gossip Girl spinoff about Lily and Rufus's early days in L.A., as yet unnamed by the network but referred to 'round these parts as The Adventures of Bullwinkle, may have been canceled. Sayeth Finke:

As I reported at 2:45 PM today, put a fork in it. It's done. Next Monday's episode of Gossip Girl is a flashback that was supposed to be a tempting taste for next fall's spinoff following the wild teen years of now mom Lily van der Woodsen (played by Brittany Snow) in Los Angeles in the 1980s. But even though I heard Peter Roth loved its yesteryear vibe, the show went from hot, to lukewarm, to "fading but wouldn't count out", to now dead, according to my insiders. I'm really surprised.

We're surprised too, but also not, because the two actresses who played the leads (Brittany and Krysten Ritter) both cause our brains to scream, "Stop trying to make these two happen!" every time we see them, and we suspect we can't be the only ones. Plus, the CW just canceled all of Sunday, so they are quite evidently in some shit. Still, this is a terrible loss. Will we even get to see the pilot next week? Developing.

UPDATE: A CW insider tells us, “reports of the Gossip Girl spinoff death are preposterous. The CW does not even begin their scheduling meetings until next week.”

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