Jamie Dimon Is Ready to Serve If the Government Needs Him


Oh, it is on. While some large banks are panicking like babies in advance of the Stress Test Challenge, others are recognizing it as an opportunity to tout their own health. Take Jamie Dimon, the head of JPMorgan, who coolly noted in a conference call today that “there are still too many banks in the United States,” and that should some of these lesser, struggling institutions happen to crap the bed owing to their own incompetence, regulators can go ahead and count on JPMorgan to “do something” in terms of acquisitions.

Not that Dimon’s one to brag or anything, but let’s just say that JPMorgan is totally strong enough to absorb whatever blows those wimps have on their books. Go ahead, hit him. Yeah. Feel that? Pure muscle, baby.

JPMorgan CEO sees more bank consolidation ahead [CNN]