Joe the Plumber Sets Off to Find Party Nonsensical Enough for Him


Is there any real reason to cover the ongoing shenanigans of Joe the Plumber, who, after all, is just some guy? Not really, but it’s fun, so why the hell not. Today word broke that Mr. Plumber is leaving the Republican Party — which you can tell is in deep trouble when they can’t hold on to either moderates or right-wing bigots. But the GOP can at least take heart in the fact that Joe’s reasons for leaving, not surprisingly, are pretty illogical. In a new Time story, Joe says he’s “outraged by GOP overspending,” despite the fact that the entire party, nearly to a man, voted against both the stimulus package and President Obama’s budget.

Okay, so Joe really wants to cut spending, so much so that just voting against it won’t suffice. And yet he also “said he wouldn’t support any cuts in defense, Social Security [which he once referred to as a “joke” that he’s “never believed in”], Medicare or Medicaid [despite well-known opposition to “spreading the wealth around”] — which, along with debt payments, would put more than two-thirds of the budget off limits.” Right. Well, we wish Joe the best of luck finding a new party that supports his unique principles of drastically cutting government spending while keeping most government spending untouched, banning wartime reporting, and openly fearing homosexuals.

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