La Vache Qui Rit! Escaped Cow Gets the Last Laugh


As we reported yesterday, the cow that escaped from a slaughterhouse in Jamaica, Queens, was successful in avoiding her grisly fate. The police that caught her took her to an animal shelter, which named her Molly and hooked her up with a spot at the Farrm, an organic farm and rescue shelter in Suffolk County owned by a couple named Rex and Connie Farr.

“She can eat some good organic hay and hang around with a lot of her friends,” Mr. Farr said. “She can eat and sleep for the rest of her life. She is not going anywhere. The bottom line is she will have a very good home.”

Holy crap does that sound good. Do you think that if we run out of the office right now and start galloping down the middle of the street, these people will take us in? We're doing it! WE'RE GOING RIGHT NOW!

Farm Living Is the Life for Molly the Calf [City Room/NYT]