Man Mugged by Subway ‘Acrobats’


This is unfortunate: A 22-year-old was mugged on the J train by a subway "dance troupe," the Brooklyn Paper reports today.

The violent attack began when the victim started conversing with the dancers after they finished an acrobatic performance near the Lorimer Street stop at around 3:40 a.m. That’s when one of the perps asked the victim if he would like to “see something mesmerizing.” The victim said yes, so the perp pulled himself into the air on the train’s metal bars and unleashed a powerful kick to the victim’s chest. Two other dancers then joined in the attack and started punching and kicking the victim in the head and body.

We feel bad for this guy and all, but honestly, he should have known better. If someone on the subway asks if you want to see "something mesmerizing," the obvious answer is no, because as everyone knows there are only two possible outcomes: A wink from a wang or a punch in the face. Sigh. At least this guy was spared the wang.

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