Never Date a White Man During a Recession, and Other Advice From the Times


Whether it's because tough times at the Times means a shortage of reporters covering the romance beat, or because of the Gray Lady's full-body embrace of the Internet, the paper chose, this past weekend, to crowd-source answers to the question "How has the recession affected your dating life?" to its readers, and the answers have been pouring in. And we have to say, we've picked up some pretty great tips. Such as this one:

Based upon both my sister and my experience, We just don't date any white male anymore. they are all very shallow, superficial individual. Part of dating became exercise to show off their cars, their cell phone, and their so called “wealth”. After a while, you find out they are all in DEEP debt, had max out several credit cards. My former boyfriend told me he is investment banker. I was told several weeks later by my roommate that he sit in local Starbucks nearly every day looking for jobs online for more than a year!!"

Right? Sister tells it like it is. Welcome to the future of media, everyone. And watch your back, Carolyn Hax.

How Has the Recession Affected Dating? [City Room/NYT]