Noels Not Banned From Country Club After All


Sorry, Schadenfreudenkinder*: The rumor that website Guest of a Guest published earlier today — that Greenwich’s the Round Hill Club revoked the membership of Bernie Madoff feeder-fund manager Walter Noel and his golden, formidably toned family in the wake of their “publicity nightmare” — appears to be untrue. Daily Intel spoke to Roundtree manager Dennis Meemans, who assured us that the Noels, who have belonged to the club for 35 years, are members “in good standing” and are furthermore “very nice people.” Sorry, y’all. Pray they all get tennis elbow this year, instead, or adult acne from sunscreen.

Country Club In Greenwich Says: “Noel Me No Noels” [Guest of a Guest]

*If this isn’t a word, it should be.