Observer Vet Tom McGeveran Will Be Interim Editor


Tom McGeveran, a longtime veteran on the edit staff of the New York Observer, was named interim editor today to replace outgoing editor Peter Kaplan. McGeveran has “held nearly every job at the paper, after rising from the ranks as a copy editor to become the ‘Manhattan Transfers’ reporter, a commercial real estate reporter, a real estate editor, a media editor, a politics editor, managing editor, deputy editor and editor of,” according to a report in the paper today. The announcement was made by publisher Jared Kushner, who said the post was an interim job that could turn into a permanent one. “[He] understands the news deeply and he has done both long form journalism and breaking news stuff for the web,” said Kaplan, who will soon take up the No. 2 post at Condé Nast Traveler. “He has allowed me to exist as an editor because he created a structure that I could exist in. And he is tomorrow’s journalist because he is someone who knows how to merge print and electronic.”

Tom McGeveran Named Interim Editor of The New York Observer [NYO]
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