Pro-Marriage-Equality Ads to Begin Airing Upstate


The Empire State Pride Agenda has produced a number of ads over the past year to combat myths and criticisms surrounding the debate over same-sex marriage. One recent ad featured religious leaders in Massachusetts testifying that their religious freedom had not been impinged by legalized gay nuptials in that state. Another featured the New York deputy secretary of Education explaining that Governor Paterson’s bill would not affect what was taught in schools. But their newest soothing 30-second appeal (set to combat paranoia-inducing spots like the much-parodied NOM “Gathering Storm” ad that’s been everywhere) has been pushed in three key upstate markets since this morning. Airing in Buffalo, Albany, and Syracuse, the ads will run on network and cable channels during peak hours. They feature “Barb & Don,” a couple with two daughters — one straight and one gay. Both are in long-term relationships, but only one has been able to get legally married here in New York. ESPA says it will continue to run the spot as long as it has funding. What do you think of this ad? Would it convince you?