Rahm Emanuel Is a Man


As part of his role in whipping up support for President Obama’s agenda, Rahm Emanuel has made a concerted effort to spend most of his waking hours persuading, and listening to, congressmen from both parties. He frequently hosts lawmakers at the local Bobby Van’s Steakhouse, visits them at the private Democratic Party bar, and, as should come as no surprise to those following the proclivities of this administration, engages them at the gym, where his workout includes “an enormous amount of sit-ups.” Besides allowing him to “gather intelligence” from his congressional targets in a more relaxed, social setting, Emanuel’s particular tactics seem to benefit him in another way as well. For someone who was routinely mocked for his ballet skills as a child, we imagine Emanuel beams when he reads news stories portraying him in the most macho light possible: chomping on steak, drinking beers, and lifting weights.

Emanuel Pushes Obama Plan to Lawmakers From Gyms to Restaurants [Bloomberg]