Report: Unreleased Abu Ghraib Photos Show Rape


The controversial remaining photos taken at the Abu Ghraib prison and other detainee holding cells in Iraq, which Barack Obama first said he would release, and then later changed his mind about, include images depicting what appear to be the rapes of a male and female prisoner and sexual assault of others, the London Daily Telegraph reports this morning. Major General Antonio Taguba, the former Army official who directed an inquiry into the abuses at the famous Iraq jail in 2004, confirmed the content of the photos in an interview with the paper. There are estimated to be roughly 2,000 photos in the unreleased collection, and though reports of rape and sexual assault appeared in Taguba’s account a few years ago, it’s believed part of the reason President Obama refused to release them is because of their graphic content. He’s said he changed his mind because he worried the photos would serve only to “inflame anti-American public opinion and to put our troops in greater danger.” Major General Taguba, despite his decision to share the content of some, agreed. “The mere description of these pictures is horrendous enough,” he said. “Take my word for it.”

Abu Ghraib abuse photos ‘show rape’ [Telegraph UK]