Rich Kids Eat Watermelon Made of Gold


Growing up in our Podunk hometown in Massachusetts, we always thought watermelon came in only one color: Red. But now, thanks to Vanity Fair’s slideshow of the world’s most eligible heirs and heiresses, we know that we only thought that because we were poor and ignorant. Because, look, Hayley Bloomingdale — of those Bloomingdales — is eating a slice of watermelon that is yellow! Yellow watermelon! Wow! Who knows what other kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables the 28 other privileged people on the list have at their disposal? Mangosteens. Rambutans. Purple pineapples. Pink bananas and orange grapes! And if Bloomingdale’s expression is anything to go by, that melon is really something special. Look at her: she’s totally in the zone! VF is right we are truly envious. Being superrich must be delicious indeed.

A Bite off the Upper Crust [VF]