Robert Allen Stanford Bravely Surrenders to Uninterested Feds


Accused Ponzi schemer Robert Allen Stanford bravely turned himself in to the Feds yesterday, despite the fact that there was no warrant for his arrest and he has not actually been charged with any crimes. He was accompanied by his lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, and a reporter from the Houston Chronicle.

“We want to surrender him into custody,” DeGuerin told the woman behind the glass at the U.S. Marshals Office on the 10th floor. Stanford stood nearby, his company insignia eagle pin on his lapel.

“We’re doing this to show he’s not running,” said DeGuerin. “He’ll face whatever they’ve got for him.”

He added that another motivation was that Stanford wanted to avoid a “perp walk,” wherein he would be arrested and escorted in handcuffs before the media. Which is entirely reasonable. Obviously, Stanford is a very private man. We can see how he'd want to avoid a big public show.

Stanford 'surrenders' to feds who didn’t want him [Houston Chronicle via DealBreaker]