Sad Panda Sighting!


In March, we posted an item about the notorious Sad Panda who lurks around Lower Manhattan, and asked you all why he was so glum. You had many suggestions ("Because he has to wok. He missed the Panda Express"), but we didn't receive word of another sighting of him until today, when commenter Legally_Bored sent in this picture with the following missive:

I was just having lunch in the park by the bull near the bowling green 4/5 station and had a sad panda sighting! I remember seeing it on Daily Intel back in march and thought you might to know that this time it was carrying a Daffy's bag and stool. For a minute it lifted up its panda head for an itch, which made me squeal in terror. Panda!

The bull is apparently where he hangs out. But this stool worries us. Has the Sad Panda upgraded to Suicide-by-Hanging Panda? If so, somebody get down there and start administering some hugs, stat!

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