Sad Panda Spotted ‘Outside of Its Normal Habitat’


Reader Jourdan Loffredo writes: “The now-famous Sad Panda stumbled onto a downtown 1 train I was on a few weeks ago at 86th Street. Mouths agape, no one (myself included) moved or made a sound until a few children began laughing and pointing … visibly making Sad Panda even sadder. Some, as if guilt-stricken by the panda’s gloominess, went back to normal, pretending it wasn’t even there. Others, like me, shot the occasional curious glance in Sad Panda’s direction. So I ask: What was the Sad Panda doing on the Upper West Side, outside of its normal habitat? What does Sad Panda carry in those bags? Will it ever cheer up?” Readers, we assure you we have exerted some journalistic muscle to bring you the answers to these vital questions. In the meantime, if you see the Sad Panda, ask it! (Make sure that you do this in a public, well-lit place.)