Taylor Momsen’s Band Debuts


For reasons that obviously need no explanation, we support all extracurricular endeavors pursued by the Gossip Girl cast. So if Taylor Momsen wants to dress up like a baby Debbie Harry and explore her seedy indie-rock underbelly, we’re prepared to deal with whatever results the project might yield — even if the whole concept makes us a little nervous (we’re old). But Momsen and her band, Pretty Reckless, made their debut last night and, frankly, we’re impressed with Little J’s burgeoning punk-rock chops! To wit, Spin praises her “raspy roar,” a voice that suggests “angst and bitterness.” Having never been 16-year-old CW stars, we’re not sure where that angst and bitterness is coming from, but give her a few more years on a soundstage, and the girl will have formidable convulse-and-growl routine. Watch and be pleasantly surprised.

Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen Debuts Band – And It Rocks! [Spin]