The Boner Buster Strikes Again


Today Andrew Cuomo proudly announced his latest victory over horny people, the breakup of a prostitution ring run out of Ozone Park, Queens. Room Service Entertainment, as it was known, operated through Craigslist and provided prostitution services across all five boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making it possibly the city's most convenient, well-run business. And yet it was no match for the superhuman talents of our attorney general, who took this as another opportunity to lash out at his new favorite target.

“Until Craigslist gets serious about putting real protections in
place, it will continue to be an environment where criminal operations thrive with impunity," said Attorney General Cuomo. "Even after so-called reform of the website last fall, this prostitution ring easily gamed the system and allegedly used Craigslist to spread its illegal operation throughout all five boroughs and beyond."

Actually, Craigslist announced new safeguards just last week, which Cuomo conveniently doesn't mention here. But would they have helped, anyway? The seedy world of underground sex will always find ways to "game the system." That's the way it's been since the dawn of man, and nobody has ever been able to stop it. Nobody, that is, until the Boner Buster.

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