Will Obama Pick Known Female Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court?


Supreme Court Justice Hil?” reads a featured headline on the front page of the Daily News this morning. The ensuing article reveals that this somewhat obligatory speculation is based on little more than the fact that (a) Obama is expected to pick a woman to replace David Souter, and (b) a couple of Democratic senators suggest Obama consider someone who isn’t necessarily a judge. Which narrows it down to Hillary Clinton … and about 100 million other women. Granted, at one time, a Supreme Court appointment for Hillary would have made perfect sense, and it was widely discussed during those strife-ridden post-primary, PUMA days. But then she got a job — secretary of State — where she’s been thriving and, from the looks of things, enjoying the hell out of herself (though she could probably use some free time). While Hillary is indisputably of the female persuasion, would it make any sense to uproot her from the precarious global projects she’s been working on these past few months — Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Middle East peace, pirate attacks — for the Supreme Court?

President Obama advised not to replace David Souter with judge [NYDN]