A Little Bit of Background Info on Kim Jong Il’s Sons


The AP has a great catch-up today on the intrigue surrounding North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il’s sons, and which will be his successor. Jong Un, the youngest of the three, a “competitive,” English-speaking, “heavy drinker” who is only 26, will apparently be next in line for rule. He was secretly educated in Switzerland and loves Michael Jordan. The eldest son, Jong Nam, was first in line until he was busted trying to visit the Disney resort in Tokyo with a fake passport. But despite all this brilliance, our favorite part of the AP report was the last line: “Kim considers the middle son, Jong Chol, too effeminate for the job, according to his former sushi chef.” Okay, two questions. One: Kim Jong Il thinks someone is “too effeminate” to replace him? And two: How much of a catty bitch is that sushi chef? [AP]