Accused Bronx Synagogue Bomb Plotter Caught With Pants Down


The four men busted in last month’s foiled attempt to blow up two Riverdale synagogues pleaded not guilty today in the alleged-domestic-terrorism case. While more than one of them may have been stoned that night, defendant Laguerre Payen is pleading to more than just temporary mental incapacitation. His lawyers claim he’s been “diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder” and is unfit to stand trial. “I don’t understand the stuff the court talks about,” Payen said on the stand, and appeared confused when asked for his name and age. Prosecutors claim this is just an act, pointing out that he previously was recorded on wiretaps discussing the case eloquently. Perhaps sensing that the mere appearance of confusion was not enough, or perhaps genuinely disoriented, Payen took the act to a new level: He stopped court proceedings when his baggy pants fell off, treating the room to a show of his boxers.

You will be satisfied to know that while both city tabloids reported this event, only the Post specified his preference in undies.

Alleged Bronx terror plotter not as dimwitted as he pretends, says prosecutor as 4 appear in court [NYDN]
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