Despite the Financial Crisis, Aged Inventory Keeps On Rocking


There are a lot of bands out there who have been through some shit. It's just part of the lifestyle, you know? You've got the Crüe, who had to deal with Nikki Sixx's heroin addiction. Poison and their little shakeup with C.C. Deville. Metallica, who had to work out all those complicated feelings they had. Anvil. And Aged Inventory, a band made up of former Credit Suisse traders and named for a bond that sits in a trading book for more than 60 days, which is playing at a benefit tonight, has had to struggle with the financial crisis. Quoth Bloomberg:

The lead singer of Aged Inventory spent last year looking for a job after cutbacks at Credit Suisse Group AG. Three other members of the band, formed by mortgage-bond traders at the bank, no longer work there.

The group has kept playing, belting out covers of U2’s “Vertigo” and Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Gimme Three Steps” even as members have been shaken by the financial collapse. Front-man Allen Oppici, 45, and saxophonist Jason Weyeneth, 30, are working elsewhere on Wall Street, trumpeter Mike Marriott retired, and vocalist Carla Lynne Hall, 41, has changed careers.

“It’s the music that keeps us together,” Marriott, 46, said from his vacation home in Naples, Florida. “The fact that I’m hanging out at the beach and a lot of guys have left the firm hasn’t diminished our desire to play together.”

Fuckin' A. That's some tough luck. For those mortgage-bond traders about to rock, we salute you!

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