Alexa Ray Joel: Unsurprised by Divorce Because of ‘Women’s Intuition’


At last night’s Wayuu Taya Foundation gala, Alexa Ray Joel told us she’d sensed the impending demise of her father Billy’s marriage to young chef Katie Lee because of her “pretty good women’s intuition.” “I know my dad pretty well,” she said. “He talked to me, he was the first. Being who he is, you can’t just trust everybody, and I like knowing that my dad can come to me in the same way I come to him. I’m just supporting him right now.” As for Alexa Ray herself, she’s not ready for marriage yet, even though she calls herself “a real romantic” and “will be having a wedding” — and she’s definitely not dating fellow singer-songwriter John Mayer. (There were rumors she’d been set up with him by her mother, Christie Brinkley.) “This rumor is so out of control! I’m very flattered and I’m a big fan, but I … I met him and he was very sweet and he’s kind of a flirty guy, and that was it,” she said, coining the nicest phrase we’ve heard in months for what kind of guy John Mayer is.

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