An Old-fashioned Twist on the Leaked Internet Sex Tape


Sometimes, if you don’t have a flip cam or regular access to the Internet, you have to be creative when punishing an ex and go seriously analog. That’s what 28-year-old Suresh Persaud allegedly did when his ex-girlfriend, a married 19-year-old aspiring beauty queen, broke it off with him. Suddenly, in the girl’s Queens neighborhood of Richmond Hill, shocking posters with nude pictures of her were “tacked to the family house, street poles, trees, car windshields and neighbors’ front doors.” In a creative twist, the posters also “listed her full name, address and phone number and said to call ‘if you wanted a blow job.’” (Now that’s really old-school. Like, middle school old-school.) Persaud, who started dating the girl when she was as young as 17, denies that he posted the pictures. “I never put up nude pictures of her,” he said, claiming, in fact, that the images were “self-portraits.”

Dude, at least claim they were ads. “Self-portraits”? Is that what we’re calling those pictures in the back of the Village Voice now?