Anderson Cooper Wears Jeans Beneath the Anchor Table


Now, it’s a poorly kept secret that news anchors often wear casual pants (or, if we’re lucky, no pants at all) underneath their desks, as the camera rarely captures their lower halves. But Anderson Cooper’s blazers and shirts are always so razor sharp and impeccably tailored that we have always just assumed he’s wearing the rest of the suit downstairs, all the way to his Ferragamos. But Suze Orman spoiled our fantasy last night when she and Kathy Griffin surprised the Silver Fox for his 42nd birthday. He got up to greet them as they ran in with a cake (candles unlit, natch) and balloons, which they wrapped awkwardly around his neck. “Now that looks like an expensive suit,” Griffin observed, turning to Orman to ask, “Denied or approved?” “Oh, he is so approved, with his blue jeans underneath,” Orman gasped. Great. Now we have to add “what kind of jeans is he wearing” to the list of things we wonder about when we watch Manderson seated at the news desk every night.