Anne Hathaway Attempts to Go Incognito in Nolita, Fails


In this week's New York Magazine, Anne Hathaway talked to Amy Larocca about the difficulty of being a celebrity, the pressures of being a target of the paparazzi, and a Method-acting experiment she tried for her role in Twelfth Night, when she ventured off-set dressed in the masculine garb her character Viola wears to disguise herself as a man.

“I was feeling like I could do more to get into my character,” she explains. So I decided, What if I walked around New York trying to pass for a boy? What if I had to make people look twice to figure out what I was? I kind of got dressed up, and there were six photographers outside. I was walking my dog, and they know my dog, so all of the sudden I’m in a terribly unflattering outfit, I look like I’m auditioning for West Side Story, and it’s on the Internet! And it’s just like, I’m doing this for my job!”

Knowing this, we assume the wig she was wearing while having lunch at Cafe Gitane yesterday was also in service of the Craft. But for what role? The title character of The Rainbow Brite Story?

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