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Terrorist? Or martyr?

why they hate us

Birds Counterattack After City-Sponsored Slaughter

Just as we warned when Bloomberg authorized the mass gassing of 2,000 Canada geese around New York's airports, the bird community is pissed. Already prone to violence, watching their brethren get slaughtered without a trial has clearly obliterated whatever trust they may have had for humans. Today's attack on an American Airlines flight landing at LaGuardia was small and poorly organized, and likely the result of the kind of homegrown terrorism that comes out of fresh feelings of betrayal and rage; not, as we have previously seen, careful organization over years of meticulous study. Sure, Bloomberg and Co. may have taken out some of the bird-terrorist masterminds with his strike — but in their place have been left thousands of aspiring little suicide sparrows, each with beady little eyes that see everything (except clean windows). We may have inadvertently launched an all-out bird-human war. If so, Bloomberg, the blood and feathers are on your hands.


Photo: Getty Images