Bloomberg: Flies Can Spread Swine Flu!


Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg was asked to weigh in on the most pressing issue of our times — President Obama's heartless swatting of an innocent, freedom-loving fly. Bloomberg first defended his own pest-culling ("We are sending some of these geese for well-deserved rest up in the sky"), and then turned to Obama.

I'm sure what the president thought about was that particular fly might be spreading something like the H1N1 flu and he was going to risk his own life with hands — bare hands, without Purell — and he protected the public by hitting that fly, and we owe him a great debt of gratitude.

Heh, "without Purell." That was actually a pretty funny answer. Not bad, Bloomberg, not — wait! Is he saying that flies can spread swine flu now? We know he was just kidding, but is there not some truth behind every joke? Is fly-to-human transmission a real threat now? What aren't you telling us?! Should we be freaking out?!?

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