Bret Michaels and John Stamos Have Done Gross Things Together


Last night, after a descending Tonys set piece fell on Bret Michaels’s head, jeopardizing his life (not to mention his full, lush head of hair), we caught John Stamos talking to the Poison crew with a worried look on his face. We thought he was just a super-fan, but as it turns out, Michaels and Uncle Jesse have a previous relationship. “Bret used to be my next-door neighbor,” Stamos told us later. “I was checking to see if he was okay because they think he almost got decapitated.” Stamos and Michaels hadn’t seen each other in years, but for a short time, when Stamos was married to Rebecca Romijn, they lived in adjacent houses in Tallahassee, Florida. Michaels used to come over to play volleyball, and Stamos would go over to his place and do, you know, guy things. “He used to show me all the sex tapes of him before they got on the Internet,” Stamos told us, matter-of-factly. Oh. And to think: Both of these guys are still looking for love.

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