Brooklyn Embezzler Heads for the Hills


Donna Tricarico-Newton probably thought life was going well. She had retired from her job as a detective with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office because her husband, Dwight, was finally making big money. Sure, he was just a payroll officer at the Brooklyn Museum, but he was raking in enough to take care of their $470,000 mortgage in East Brunswick, NJ. In fact, he would occasionally come home with huge lump checks, for no apparent reason. Donna probably thought everything was great! Then Dwight quit his highly paid job, for no apparent reason, and started working with a charity. Donna probably began to worry at this point. Then Dwight got arrested for embezzling money from the Brooklyn Museum, having simply taken more than $600,000 and listed it as being paid to entities like “Brooklyn” and “ZYX.” He faced 20 years in prison. Donna was probably pretty pissed about that. But she scraped together the $600,000 bond to make sure he could come home to his kids. Then, yesterday, after his first hearing, they exited the courtroom together. As they walked into the courthouse lobby, Dwight broke into a sprint, running down the building’s steps and careening down the sidewalk, away. Donna probably wondered why she had so easily abandoned her detective skills.

Ex-payroll manager at Brooklyn Museum busted in $600G scam [NYDN]