Former Real-News Reader Driven to Deliver Fake News


Remember Bobbie Battista? The CNN anchor they used to make fun of on Saturday Night Live in the early nineties? No? You mean cable-news relevance is only temporary? Well, good thing Battista has a new gig, then. Having left CNN in 2001, she's lately been anchoring the news elsewhere: at the Onion News Network. Reading hilarious fake headlines with the same stone-faced delivery she became famous for at CNN, Battista has taped a few segments with the online humor site. She spoke with the Times:

"You watch the news today, and you don’t know what is real," she said. "When I was doing newscasts at CNN, people would come up to me and say, 'That story can’t be real.’ Now the lines are really getting blurred." She mentioned a recent segment she saw about "lingerie football" on a cable news show. "My mouth was hanging open. How does this belong on the news?"

See, there's her problem. If she hadn't been watching Fox News, this prize-winning global reporter may have never been driven to reporting about things like "Despondex: A Drug For the Annoyingly Cheerful."

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