French Tourists Enlisted As Extras in Cab Driver’s Action Movie of the Mind


You know how everyone in New York is in a movie in their mind? Khaalis Preacher's genre is action. When cops caught the unlicensed cab driver picking up a load of French tourists at JFK today, rather than merely handing over the keys, he conjured his inner Vin Diesel and peeled away, taking the tourists and trailing police on a seven-mile chase through residential streets that ended with his smashing into a Brooklyn post office, probably, hilariously, making his crime a double or perhaps triple felony. The tourists said they were "terrified," but from the quotes they gave the Post, we can tell they kind of loved it. "We're going zoom, zoom, zoom,'' one of the twentysomething Parisians told the Post.

''I am shocked. The whole thing was quite bizarre. We were very frightened. It was like something from a film.''

We're glad they had a good time, but we're worried that this sets a very high bar for the New York City tourism department. Now these girls are going to expect to meet a handsome stranger who will take them for a carriage ride in Central Park, kiss them in the middle of Times Square, and then propose to them on top of the Empire State building!