Here We Go: There Might Be a John Edwards Sex Tape


The Hangover director Todd Phillips is angry that the Writer’s Guild won’t credit writer Jeremy Garelick for his overhaul of the original Hangover script. “If you look at the original script … Mike Tyson was not in the movie, there was no tiger, there was no baby, there was no cop car.” Jennifer Aniston is in a good mood, apparently because she’s currently working with Gerard Butler, who makes her “chatty.” However, Bradley Cooper nixes speculation about himself and Jen, claiming they are “just friends.” Leonardo DiCaprio’s sneakers were stolen by “ugly American” tourists while he visited a Japanese temple. Someone who has seen former Edwards aide Andrew Young’s book proposal claims it describes a John Edwards–Rielle Hunter sex tape.

Elizabeth Taylor is “screaming in her house” over Michael Jackson’s death, while Bubbles the chimp, retired in Florida, probably doesn’t know the King of Pop has passed. After Diane Sawyer delivered the Michael Jackson news to them Thursday night, Steve Martin and Martin Short riffed about their encounters with him. Jamie Foxx encouraged everyone at a private dinner, including Jessica Alba, Sherri Shepherd, and Morgan Freeman, to do a dance-off in honor of Jacko. Al Sharpton claims Jackson was proud to be black, while Jeff Goldblum was spotted alive and well in Central Park taking in Anne Hathaway’s performance in Twelfth Night.

Dakota Fanning turned down the role of the cancer-stricken daughter in My Sister’s Keeper because she didn’t want to shave her head. Heath Ledger may have been an insomniac who might not have wanted to play the Joker. Megan Fox and the little boy with the yellow rose had another near-miss, and still have never met. Meanwhile, Fox has sparked rumors by having yet another dinner with Transformers franchise co-star Shia LaBeouf. The guy Whitney Port is supposed to be dating didn’t show up to her housewarming party. The cast of The Real World: Cancun behaved poorly at their premiere party.