Hillary Clinton Falls, Fractures Elbow


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was walking to the White House when she fell yesterday and fractured her right elbow. She was treated at George Washington University Hospital, which is right near the State Department headquarters. She went home afterward to recover, and will undergo surgery sometime in the coming week. In addition to the pain and suffering she must be going through (remember the last time you even bruised your elbow?), there’s another terrible downside: She was scheduled this morning to appear alongside Official Most Famous and Beautiful Woman in America Angelina Jolie, at an event marking World Refugee Day. This is very upsetting. Now, it’s time to play that age-old game: Who Put the Banana Peel in Front of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton! Was it:

A) Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
B) North Korean Dear Leader Kim Jong-il
C) U.N. Special Ambassador for Children and Refugees Angelina Jolie
D) German Chancellor Angela Merkel
E) United States President Barack Obama
F) Former United States President Bill Clinton

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