‘I Bet the Reason He’s Not Calling Me Is Because of the Recession


It’s hard enough to date in New York, Melissa Braverman, who writes a blog about her dating life called Single Gal in the City, tells the AP today. But this recession is just making it so much worse!

In the last six months, she’s noticed that men don’t suggest meals. When they meet for drinks, they limit it to one hour. She believes it’s so she won’t order a second drink.

“The recession is almost becoming an excuse,” said Braverman, 35, of New York City. “Men don’t want to take the initiative, suggesting something fun that is inexpensive. It’s more, well, ‘I can’t afford to take you out for a meal, let’s keep it brief.’ Unfortunately, a lot of times chemistry needs time to develop.”

Oh, honey.

Unemployed Men Struggle In Dating Game [AP]