Is the End of the Senate Impasse Almost Here?


It seems there could be a light at the end of the tunnel in the interminable State Senate deadlock (then again, it could just be a train, as they say). A power-sharing deal that doles out leadership positions among Republican Dean Skelos, Democrat Malcolm Smith, Democrat John Sampson, and whatever-you-consider-him Pedro Espada may have been tentatively agreed upon, though it still has to be presented to the rest of the Democratic caucus, which is hardly a sure bet on anything. We’re not all that surprised, since it seems Governor Paterson really is willing to carry out his threat to force everyone back into the chamber every single day for as long as it takes. Even this weekend — and it might be sunny for the first time in three years! What’s surprising is that Espada would accept a demotion from Senate president to Senate vice-president, as this report has it. But we suppose even a ringmaster gets tired of the circus after a while, and just wants to go home.

Leaders nearing deal, fractured Dems sticking point [Capitol Confidential/Times Union]