Welcome to Joan Rivers’s Penthouse!


This week, Joan Rivers put the Upper East Side penthouse she bought twenty years ago on the market for $25 million. Apparently, she is planning to spend more of her time on the West Coast with her daughter Melissa and her family. The penthouse, a 5,190-square-foot duplex atop a converted 42-foot-wide 1903 mansion, has been recently restored — not, the Times points out, unlike Joan’s face — by “museum-trained artisans,” and the décor is surprisingly old-lady Versailles, not what we were expecting from Joan at all. (Shouldn’t she live somewhere chilly and modern, like the Deetz’s place in Beetlejuice, or a cryogenics lab?) But once we started flipping through the pictures, which you can see here in our slideshow, we realized we can imagine Joan living in this frilly dream house