Joe Buck Won’t Be Sending Artie Lange a Christmas Card


If you’ve watched a baseball or football game on Fox at some point over the last fifteen years, you’re probably familiar with the work of announcer Joe Buck. Buck’s gotten his fair share of flack from fans over the years, but no matter what you’ve said (or even just thought and kept to yourself) about Buck, Artie Lange one-upped you on the premiere of HBO’s Joe Buck Live last night. Lange, one of three comedians featured in the show’s last segment, made things absolutely miserable for Buck, with interruptions and off-color jokes directed at the host. (Sample line: When Buck sarcastically referred to TMZ as his favorite website, Lange asked Buck if his second favorite site was “”)

Buck attempted a few comebacks, and though we guess he has some comedic chops — his appearances on Conan were occasionally pretty good — he was no match for Lange, who has no internal censor whatsoever. To make things worse, as the show’s last segment, it kept going online after the broadcast ended, and it didn’t get any better then. Video of the main segment — and the online “Overtime” extra — are below.

Update: HBO’s pulled the videos off of YouTube, but Deadspin has the “Overtime” clip, and (for now) Awful Announcing has the main one.