John Edwards Still Not Sure Whether Presidential Run Was Wise


Former presidential candidate and current we-have-no-idea John Edwards recently opened up to the Washington Post in an extended interview. No subject was off-limits — oh, except for his affair with Rielle Hunter, the paternity of Hunter’s child, his wife’s memoir, and an investigation into misuse of his campaign funds. So basically it was a boring talk about things nobody cares about, like helping the poor. But one thing caught our eye: When asked whether he thought, in retrospect, that running for president was a mistake, Edwards claimed it was a “very complex question.” Yep, that’s a tough one, all right. On the one hand, if Edwards had won the Democratic nomination — he wasn’t going to, but let’s pretend — and then word got out that he had a love child with his mistress while his wife battled cancer, it would have guaranteed a victory for his Republican opponent and fundamentally altered the course of the country. On the other hand, Edwards really wanted to be president anyway. So, yeah — complex.

Out of Washington, Edwards Finds Worries Remain [WP]