Judge Mistakenly Treats Warring Senators Like Adults


At a hearing chock-full of lawyers this morning, State Supreme Court judge Thomas McNamara tried his best to foster a compromise between the Senate Democrats and Senate Republicans, who are feuding over who is legally in control of the Senate. He requested that, though he would make a ruling on Monday if necessary, he not be forced to intrude on the business of a co-equal branch of government. “It would be in everyone’s best interest if the Senate over the weekend got together and … let calmer heads prevail and resolve this among yourselves,” he said, apparently seriously, almost as if he were talking to two mature, reasonable parties. But it took none other than Democratic turncoat and apparent president pro tempore Pedro Espada to quickly dispatch with that optimistic notion. “There is no negotiated settlement possible, because what happened Monday speaks for itself, was legal, and will stand,” he told the Daily News. Intrude away, McNamara!

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