Kelly Rutherford Gives Disappointingly Normal Name to Baby Girl


Based on the fact that Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford still breast-feeds her walking, talking 2-year-old boy (who is named Hermès, need we remind you), we were going to wait until she did something outlandish with the new baby girl she gave birth to today before telling you guys about it. You know, like naming it Viktor & Rolf, or something. (She actually named her Helena Grace.) Because these days just popping one out doesn’t feel that special anymore — if Nicole Richie can do it once and Britney Spears can do it twice, then really, can it be that much of an accomplishment? (In fact, we’re pretty sure Nadya Suleman ruined baby arrivals for all of America, forever.) But then Intel reader Molly pointed out that this will indeed affect our lives: No more will we have to suffer through pretending that Lily van der Woodsen’s Kellys and Birkins were big enough to cover her enormously pregnant belly. And maybe, just maybe, if we’re really lucky, next season they’ll stop having her wear ruffles.

’Gossip Girl’ star Kelly Rutherford gives birth to a baby girl [Dish Rag/LAT]