Koganadu R.I.P.


“Will the most ostentatious mansion in Greenwich history survive the bust?” we asked a mere two weeks ago, relating the epic battle between Valery Kogan, a Russian airport tycoon looking to settle down in Greenwich, and the aghast townfolk. The answer is in. It’s a nyet.

On May 26, reports Greenwich Time, Olga Kogan — Valery’s wife and the official owner of the plot — wrote a letter to the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission, dropping the construction bid and citing “surprising and unfounded” criticism of the plan (which originally included 26 toilets and a twelve-car garage). The outrage, as well as a lawsuit filed by the Kogans’ neighbors, certainly played a part, but guess what? It is by no means the main reason Koganadu isn’t getting built. As we had discovered while reporting the story, the strangest thing about the would-be megamansion wasn’t the toilets, or the guitar-shaped patio, or the on-site hair salon. It was the fact that the future pleasure pad was already mortgaged up to the eaves: The property, which cost $18.5 million in 2005 and is now worth an estimated $11 million, has been used as collateral for $25 million in two separate loans. Both loans matured on June 1, 2009 (note the timing). Suddenly, the oligarch looks like any number of irrational-exuberance victims whose maniacal betting on endless appreciation helped bring about the bust. In other words, today we’re all Valery Kogan. And vice versa.

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