Letterman Not Fazed at All by Protests


As we expected, David Letterman couldn’t resist mocking the small group of crazies who gathered outside of his studio yesterday to call for his firing and rave about whatever else was on their minds while they were at it. And not only did he devote his Top Ten list to the protest, but he also made sure to throw in a (not entirely funny) joke about Sarah Palin as well. “The good news is Sarah Palin has accepted my apology. She also accepted a $500 gift certificate from LensCrafters. I thought that was a nice touch,” he quipped. Meanwhile, Levi Johnston has offered his surprisingly coherent, multisyllabic thoughts on the whole hubbub. “I don’t think he was trying to be malicious,” he told the Daily Beast. “I just think the joke maybe went too far. I don’t think that David was trying to advocate any sexual misconduct of any nature.” Feels good to be out from under the Palin yoke, doesn’t it?