Liam McMullan Made Interesting by New Fiancée


When we read on Guest of a Guest that 21-year-old Liam McMullan was newly engaged, we heaved a sigh. Were we to do this item, we’d have to write a whole section about why you’re supposed to care about him in the first place. But, upon further investigation, we’ve decided that’s not even worth it. (If you don’t know who the kid is, read the Observer profile Spencer Morgan wrote about him a while back; it’s got everything in it, including sex migraines.) It’s not because Liam isn’t interesting, but because his fiancée, Aesha Waks, is completely stupendous. You won’t find out much about the 35-year-old brunette from her iMDB profile (except that she once starred in an independent film called Went to Coney Island on a Mission From God … Be Back by Five with Ione Skye and John Cryer), and on her personal website there isn’t much more than a couple of photos of her and Hillary Clinton. But on her MySpace Music page, there is a piece of spectacular visual and musical wizardry. Please watch — apparently this brand of music is called “strip hop.”