The Real Victims of Bernie Madoff


As we predicted, the victims of Bernie Madoff have begun to turn on one another. Those who did not withdraw money from their accounts and lost it all are angry that those who did withdraw are getting the same amount of restitution, etc., and the mob has turned inward and begun attacking itself, the Times reports today:

"It's been your typical reality-show kind of fighting," said Jen Meerow Berniker, 32, a second-generation Madoff customer whose retiree parents lost their life savings through a feeder fund. "It's every man for himself right now."

We know Jen probably said that as a throwaway comment, but having watched back-to-back Real Housewives of New Jersey reunions this weekend, we think she may be onto something. Why doesn't Bravo get all these folks together, add a little Andy Cohen, and stir? It could be win-win for everyone: The victims could make back some money with their per-show fee, some of the hottest and feistiest ones could leverage their newfound fame into magazine spreads (in Hot Granny, but still), and America could again indulge its seemingly limitless appetite for reality shows with no other plot than spoiled people screaming at each other about completely First World problems.

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