Mark Sanford’s Mistress Speaks!


Maria Belen Chapur, the Argentine woman who has been identified as Mark Sanford’s mistress, confirmed today that she was involved with the South Carolina governor. “I have decided to send this statement to clear up certain incorrect things that are being reported, and put an end to a matter that, as you imagine, is very painful to me, my two children, my entire family and close friends,” Chapur told Buenos Aires news network C5n. She said that her Hotmail account had been broken into late last year, which is how her e-mail correspondence with Sanford made its way to The State newspaper. But she denies that the hacker was a colleague whom she had previously dated, as has been widely reported. “I have a strong suspicion of who is responsible for this evil act that was directed at me but also destroyed the lives of so many others,” Chapur added cryptically. “But without sufficient proof, and for legal reasons, I am obligated to not reveal the name.” All the same, the statement was pretty ballsy. Not because she issued a vague threat, but because by owning up to all those humiliating e-mails, Chapur admitted that she actually seduced Sanford using the movie The Holiday.